Think Smart. Think Fast. Think Proper Channel!

Small Team

Just because you're a small team, doesn't mean you can't act like a big business.

From Jack Welch to W. Edwards Deming, any business expert will agree, your team lives and dies by its processes.

Use Proper Channel to capture your employee's knowledge, and build your custom Get it Done Database.

Big Business

You've grown. You know how important it is to share information, but there are some things you need to keep private even inside your own team.

Instead of making multiple environments, use Proper Channel's Big Business platform to control both view and edit permissions by user groups to keep your processes safe, secure, and official.


Proper Channel's enterprise tool has scaled knowledge transfer inside your organization. Add the Publishing Tool to transfer knowledge to your customers.

Show them exactly how to navigate your processes and you will simultaneously increase engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction while decreasing your cost to serve. Using Proper Channel Publishing is almost like using the ATM model for customer service.

Features In Every Package!

Let Proper Channel guide your employee training, standard operating procedures, and help promote self-reliance within your business through clear instructions and the capability of continuous process improvement.

Job Aids

Help your employees document and share how to get things done with one another.

Knowledge Loss

When an employee clears out their desk, don’t let them take your institutional knowledge.

24/7 Manager

With every guide available on any computer or mobile device, Proper Channel encourages self reliance in your employees!

Training → Thriving

Help your employees through the “nesting period” by giving them clear direction and guidance.

Continuous Process Improvement

Improve your company every day, and leave your competition in the dust.

Micro Learning

Immediately relevant training to allow your employees to keep moving forward.

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